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MeadowPhilip Adu
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Founder & Methodology Expert

Qualitative Data Analyst

  • Providing support in selecting suitable qualitative data analysis software (QDAS), analyzing qualitative data and presenting findings


Author of the Book

Co-author of the Book


Larsen, H. & Adu, P. (2021). The theoretical framework in phenomenological research: Development and application. Oxford: Routledge


Adu, P. (2019). A step-by-Step guide to qualitative data coding. Oxford: Routledge


Glazek, K. J., Adu, P., & McFeeters, B. B. (2018). Development and preliminary evaluation of a doctoral dissertation support center. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 12(3), 163-173.

Masson, T., DeWalt, A., & Adu, P. (2017). A guide to developing sustainable global health projects. In Why Global Health Matters: How to (Actually) Make the World a Better Place (pp. 611-640). Chris E. Stout.

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