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One-on-one Methodology Consultation

Are you doing a qualitative study? Are you having difficulty determining the purpose of your qualitative study and/or constructing research question(s)? Are you having issues with creating interview questions, collecting appropriate data, analyzing qualitative data and/or presenting findings? Are you unsure about the appropriate qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) to use? If your answer to any of the questions is yes, you can contact me for a one-on-one methodology consultation. Please complete the form below:

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Workshop on Qualitative Research Methodology Related Topics

Do you want me to present on the following topics?

  • Conducting qualitative study

  • Choosing an appropriate qualitative approach

  • Writing methodology chapter of your qualitative research dissertation

  • Introduction to qualitative analysis

  • Analyzing qualitative data using qualitative data analysis software (such as NVivo, QDA Miner Lite and Dedoose)

  • Presenting qualitative findings

  • Understanding the role of machine learning in automated text analysis

Please complete the form below:

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