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NVivo Guest Blog Post: 'Preparing the presentation of qualitative findings...'

This post follows on from his previous blog post “Perfecting the art of qualitative coding” in which he [Dr. Philip Adu] took us through the stages of qualitative coding and, along the way, outlined the features he found most useful.

In my previous blog post, I presented on making good use of the innovative features of NVivo across the three main stages of qualitative analysis. Expounding on the third stage which is the ‘Post-Coding stage (Presenting your findings)’, I want to throw light on things to consider when drafting and refining your presentation. The moment you reach a milestone of successfully using NVivo 12 (Version 12.1.249; QSR International Pty Ltd, 2018) to complete the data analysis process, the reality of preparing all of this data so you can present your findings sets in (Adu, 2016). Your methodical review of the qualitative data and development of codes, categories and themes has yielded massive and interesting NVivo outputs. READ MORE

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